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Élőzenés Milonga del Angel keddenként az Art's Harmony Studioban

2019 Aug 27 21:00 - 00:30

Helyszín: Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.

Élőzenés Milonga del Angel keddenként...! The english text please see below!!!   Belépés 1500 Ft, de ház...

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Az ezerarcú tangó

2019 Sep 13 19:00 - 21:00

Helyszín: Nemzeti Táncszínház (Millenáris Park) - 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus utca 16-20.

Ezerarcú Tangó - Tangó Show - Budai László és vendégei Érzékiség, érzékenység, szerelem, szenvedély, v...

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XVII.Keszthelyi Táncpanoráma- Ezerarcú Tangó- Tangó Show

2019 Sep 14 19:00 - 21:00

Helyszín: Balaton Színház - 8360 Keszthely, Fő tér 3.

XVII.Keszthelyi Táncpanoráma- Ezerarcú Tangó- Tangó Show Érzékiség, érzékenység, szerelem, szenvedély, v...

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OktóberPest TangoShow 2019

2019 Oct 03 19:00 - 21:00

Helyszín: MÜPA - 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.

OktóberPest Tango-show Budai László és vendégeia Nemzeti Táncszínház szervezésében (előadás után táncta...

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Milonga mit Livemusik von dem ORCHESTER TANGO HARMONY in Murnau

2019 Oct 19 20:30 -

Helyszín: Westtorhalle - Prof.-Becker-Weg 12, 82418 Murnau/Seehausen, Germany

  Im Rahmen des „10 J. Jubiläum Weltkulturerbe Tango Argentino“ gemeinsam mit der VHS Murnau, freuen wir uns, ...

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Katalin Bartha

Katalin Bartha took her degree at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in violin and chamber music art and got teacher's certificate in 1988 as a violinist student of Vilmos Tátrai Kossuth-Prize winner.

She participated in different major artist's master classes in Budapest, Goslar, Maastricht, Bled and Helsinki. She lived in Finnland for 7 years, where she had taught, led a chamber orchestra, and worked as a concert master at the Orchestra of Kotka.
In 1995 she formed an association called Horisontti Studio, based on the concept to merge different forms of art to create new special productions.

In 1996, she moved back to Hungary, and established Art's Harmony Association with similar artistic goals, as Horisontti Studio before. From this time Art's Harmony Association has created and supported hundreds of presentations, especially in Moment Art and tango-inspired themes.

In 1998, she founded Tango Harmony Orchestra, in which she is working as a violinist and as an art director.

Katalin created a lot of performances running in repertoire for years at the Hungarian National Dance Theatre, Stage IBS, Danube Palace, Klebelsberg Culture Center, Barabás Villa, eg. She is the dreamer and creator of the celebrated Paris Tango Salon, Hidegkút Tango Salon and Pest Tango Salon series.

Series and performances related to Katalin Bartha:

Music and Sand Pictures

Midsummer Night Magic (1998),

Seasons in Buenos Aires (2002),

Angelic Tango (2003),

Tango Express (2005),

Soul Chords (2005),

The Passionate Tango (2007),

Tango Harmony (2008),

Tango Montage (2010),

Tango Fantasy (2010),

Tango Serenade (2010)

Parisian Tango Salon (2010)

La Bella Tangolita (2011)

BailAmor (2011).

Speaking of Music (2011)

Hidegkút Tango Salon (2011)

Pest Tango Salon (2012)

She is the member of e-Fesztivál jury since 2002.

In 2007, Katalin founds the first Hungarian professional orchestra charity named Art Phil-Harmony Orchestra (set up with St. Elizabeth Symphonic Orchestra) with Laszlo Bartal and Ákos Windhager. She is the managing director of the orchestra. Art's Phil-Harmony Orchestra developed a special and exciting repertoire for charity concerts.

In 2012 she created a new programme, named Crystalviolin, which is a very amazing production with a crystal violin and fancy decoration.


Website: http://www.barthakat.hu


Another websites related to her:

Art’s Harmony Association

Art’s Phil-Harmony Orchestra

Tango Harmony

Tango Salon



Other press releases:

Film, theatre, music - interview in TV Echo

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