Daniel Aires


Daniel Aires 

(Double Bass | Contrabass)


Born in February 7th 1996, he started his musical studies on the piano with his father at the age of 6. Admitted to Conservatório de Música do Porto a few years later, but instead kept having classes with his father until 2007. A year later enters ARTAVE - Escola Profissional Artística do Vale do Ave in double bass, with prof. Alexandre Samardjiev. While studying there he was admitted to the APROARTE Orchestra in 2011, and finished the professional course in 2014. That same year he was admitted in double bass at ESMAE - Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo, with prof. Florian Pertzborn, finishing his bachelor degree in 2018.


On his 3rd year of bachelor he attended the Norwegian Academy of Music with the Erasmus+ program for one semester, with prof. Dan Styffe and prof. Kenneth Ryland. During his bachelor years he played in many orchestral seminars, including as an intern at Casa da Música with Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto and Remix Ensemble. Has participated in double bass masterclasses with important references such as Massimo Giorgi, Michael Wolf and Wolfgang Güttler, and worked with many big conductor names such as Andreas Stoehr, Michael Sanderling, Peter Rundel and Vasily Petrenko.

Has played occasionally with Orquestra Clássica de Espinho and Orquestra Clássica Amorevole, and is an active member of Camerata NovNorte and La Ideal - Orquestra Típica de Tango Argentino do Portoand the Quarteto Tango Allegria.


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