György Lázár

György Lázár graduated from Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Teacher Training Institute as a piano teacher in1988.

In August 1989 he became a member of the Hungarian State Opera Ballet as a ballet faculty director, and he is the main director since 2005.

Between his directorial tasks he performs as a piano artist in Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.

György is a member of the Hungarian State Opera House.





He plays solos in the following ballets in the Hungarian State Opera House:


Csajkovszkij-Pártay: Anna Karenina

Schubert-Pártay: A velencei mór

Sosztakovics-McMillan: Concerto

Bartók: A csodálatos mandarin

Orff-Fodor: Mindhalálig tánc

Liszt-Mc Millan: Mayerling

Gershwin-Balanchine: Who Cares?

Hindemith-Seregi: Kamarazene

Mozart-Kilian: Petite Mort


He regularly received invitations from 2005-2008 Ernő Dohnányi Orchestra. In 2004, he created and composed a one-part act (Wiener Staatsoper) with Balázs Delbó dance artist. The production was based on the pianist's and dancer's improvisative and virtuose cooperation. The act was running on repertoire at the National Dance Company and was performed in two international dance gala on the Dance Palette and on the 13th Celebrations Gala in the Opera House and in the Park Stage of Buda in 2005.

Since 2005, he is a member of the Arts Harmony Association, where he regularly compose, and has numerous concerts with Tango Harmony.

He is a chamber musician too and regularly plays music with the Budapest Philharmonic artists.
He has two self-published CD in the ballet-theme.


Foreign guest performances with Hungarian Ballet:

1992 Romania, Italy, 1994 Portugal, 2001 Mexico, 2004 Austria, 2007 Spain

Foreign guest performances with Budapest Philharmonic artists:

1998 Austria, Italy, 2001 Spain

Foreign guest performances with Ernő Dohnányi Orchestra: 

1996 Netherlands, Germany, Austria, 2000 Austria

Honor: in 2007 he received the Bronze Merit Cross of the Hungarian Republic.


György is Tango Harmony's musical director, and pianist. He composed musics for the orchestra, like Cuerdas de alma, Sombras de La Noche.