Fabrizio Mocata


Fabrizio Mocata is a pianist, arranger and composer. Coming from Classical music and jazz, in year 2000 he started to playing Piazzolla's music in Italy with the “Rojo Porteño Quintet”. After this initial experience, he started his own research in classical Tango, performing "Cambalche cuarteto" and as soloist. He also began several collaborations with different Argentinian musicians in Europe, such as Gustavo Colmenarejo, Daniel Chazarreta, Daniel Pacitti, and Martin Espindola.


In 2010, Fabrizio Mocata met the Uruguayan singer Ricardo Olivera, and for first time he performed in concerts in Uruguay and Argentina. In Uruguay, he also worked with Julio Cobelli, Waldemar Metediera, Raul Jaurena and Olga Del Grossi, who are milestones in the history of Tango (cfr. A. Zitarrosa, Cesar Zagnoli, Donato Racciati). He can also account collaborations with musicians from Buenos Aires like Nico Perrone (Amores Tango), Pache Mandes (Cachivache), Javier Weintraub (El arranque), Nicholas Enrich (Juan De Dios Filiberto), Simone Tolomeo (Los milonguitas), Carolina Minnella, Marcelo Boccanera. In this period of his life, Fabrizio used to live between Italy and south America.

In 2013, Fabrizio met the world-famous Opera singer Fabio Armiliato, and took the new musical direction of his project called Recital CanTango. The resulting CD was recorded between Italy, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, and included all the music from his actual collaborations plus the special guests Daniela Dessì, Luis Bacalov, Ariel Ardit and Paul Wertico. The later started playing in Italy with small groups but also with bigger combos such as the famous "Filarmonica A. Toscanini" di Parma. In November 2016, this very project was presented in Buenos Aires in Teatro Maipo and in Montevideo in Sala Zitarrosa. Actress Natalia Bolani and the Tango teathre dancers "Los Guardiola" were involved in the show.


From 2012 to 2014 he founded and conducted the TTX Orchestra for Toronto Tango Experience Marathon (Canada), which includes lots of musicians from all over the world, and he performed with Horacio Godoy and Magdalena Gutierrez as well. In Europe, he was invited as a soloist and as a musician to join many festivals such as the Berlin New Year Marathon, Tango Nou, the Embrace Festival, Berlin Tango high (Tango Circus) and several other events.

He recently started to work with the singer Ana Karina Rossi, performing both in Italy and in Paris. In 2014, he played as Soloist in The Montevideo Tango Festival (The world oldest), and just after that he went to Colombia to continue his work.

In 2015, he played for first time in Medellin in a solo concert in the Theater Pablo Tobon Uribe and Casa Teatro El Poblando, while the following years he partecipated to the Tango Festival there. In 2016, He performed for the Festival in "Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera", were Carlos Gardel died. He presented his arrangement for 2 pianos with the great pianist Teresita Gomez, famous not just in Colombia as "primer level" soloist, and two singers, the Colombian star Carmen Usuga and the Argentinian Marcelo Tommasi (Orquesta ciudad de Buenos Aires - Raul Garello).


In 2015, Fabrizio performed at the Genova Tango Expo together with the singer Fabio Armiliato, the dancers "Los Guardiola" - and Pablo Veron and Cesira Miceli. Thanks to that experience, he started collaborating with the big star Pablo Veron, teaching musicality in the dance workshop and performing in milongas.

Fabrizio Mocata is always travelling and working in a broad number of events and festivals. 

Meanwhile, he also performs in Jazz and Classical Music.

Leader / co-leader discgraphy:

Puccini Moods (with G. Scaglia / E. Fioravanti)

Free The Opera (with G. Scaglia / P. Wertico)

Tango Tano (Soloist + guests)

Concerto per la Beata Cristiana (VV AA)

Recital CanTango (musical direction for F. Armiliato)

Letter From Manhattan (with G. Garzone, M. Panascia, F. Nemeth).
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