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Tango Harmony in 18th Catania Tango Festival - Sicily

Friday 10 August 2018, 23:00

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Catania Tango Festival XVIII

International Tango Festival in Sicily.

10 to 19 August 2018
Return for the eighteenth year


Also for the eighteenth edition of the most beautiful tango festival in Sicily, a program dedicated to Tango and holidays, an ideal combination to spend a week surrounded by the warmth of Sicily. Two sections, Clásico y Contemporáneo and Tradición y Vanguardia, will accompany us in a surprising, amazing, unforgettable experience of Tango!

Friday 10th August

At 11:00

Romano Palace Luxury Hotel, Sala Syrah > Press conference> Join the Masters of the cast of CataniaTangoFestival 2018.
Romano Palace Luxury Hotel is in viale Kennedy n. 28 - Catania


From 21:30 to 04:00 - Lido Azzurro #LaPlaza
Milonga de Inauguración - the historical location of the Festival welcomes the tango people of the CTF2018 - 18th edition.
23:00 / 00:00 - Tango en vivo. Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra.
Musicalizador:  Gabriel Sodini (at 00:30 selection of tandas of the "Sodini Tjs Group” of Catania: Mariolina, Nicoletta, Daniele, Massimo, Gabriel's students, today in the CTF2018 Tjs cast).
At 01:00 presentation of the cast Clásico y Contemporáneo: Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero, Joe Corbata and Lucila Cionci, Adrian Veredice and Alejandra Hobert, Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli, Angelo and Donatella Grasso.

Saturday 11th August

From 17:00 to 19:00 - Lido Azzurro #LaTerrazza
From 19:00 to 19:30 - last tandas on the shoreline (you move by the sea: no shoes!)
AFT_11 - Musicalizador:  Olli Eyding
(KA-Tango performance Katalin Bartha)
From 21:30 to 4:00

Lido Azzurro #LaPlaza
The milonga of Joe and Lucila
23:00 / 00:00 - Tango en vivo. Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra
01:00 - Joe Corbata and Lucila Cionci show
Musicalizadores:  Gabriel Sodini / open MicMac

Location Catania (Sicily), Italy - Royal Hotel/ Hotel Romano Palace/ Lido Azzurro