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Pop up milonga with Live Music by Tango Harmony

Saturday 14 July 2018, 20:00

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*** Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra is coming to Tinta Roja. The orchestra is Hungarian but is a traditional argentine tango band with a bandoneon, piano, contrabass, violin, violoncello and a singer. 

Here it is not only about dancing, is about sharing our love for tango. Brought together by the milonga, we dance, we chat, we embrace, we walk, we celebrate life. 

In this occasion we will be in the hands of the amazing DJ Lucas, so we can relax and enjoy a night full of tandas that will drag you to the dance floor.

Remember to enjoy while respecting other people enjoyment at the salon! ;)

More info about the Orchestra


Members of Tango Harmony Budapest

Katalin Bartha (hun) - Violin, Violoncello, sing, Art Director
Alejandro Szabo (arg) - Bandoneon
Adrian Placenti (arg) - Piano, 
Daniel Aires (por) - Contrabass
Ottó Nagy (hun) - Violoncello, Viola da Gamba
Péter Bartha (hun) - Bandoneon
Fernando Serrano (arg) - sing

Location Tinta Roja - Batjanstraat 68, 1094RC Amszterdam, Netherlands